This year’s ‘new’ New Year’s Resolution

Hi followers!

I apologize I have not posted in quite some time. With the craziness of summer and the wonderful Mexican honeymoon I went on, I put my blog on the back burner. Fear not–I am back and ready for more tricks, advice and recipes to a healthier life.

I looked at the calendar today and I could not believe my eyes–November already?! 2013 is not only almost over, but this month marks 11 months of clean eating and working out consistently. I thought it would be fun to compare January’s numbers to today’s and I could NOT believe my eyes! I have lost 47.5 pounds, 50 accumulative inches all over my body, BMI went from 29 (almost obese) to 21 (low side of normal) and I have lost 11% body fat. WOW! Just from eating clean and exercising. What did you know; food isn’t the enemy after all.

After making a promise to myself on New Year’s that I would better myself inside and out (just like everyone does), I realized that people who actually follow through with their resolutions are few and far between. In fact only about 10% of people attain their goals they set for themselves by the end of the year–only TEN percent! But why so few? I’ve come up with a good list of possible reasons you may have fell of the bandwagon and what you can do this year to make your New Year’s resolution an achievement instead of just a dream.

1. No focus. You didn’t set clear expectations and goals for yourself in writing. Or you didn’t keep your goals in mind by reading and affirming them (think vision board or ‘dream body’ images). This time around, be sure you realize what you have to do to reach your aspiration.

2. No priorities. You may have set a goal originally, but you didn’t put it at the top of your list. For example, you want a flat stomach and abs, but you drink soda and and eat fast food for lunch. By reminding yourself what your #1 priority is (YOU!), there won’t be any temptation to wonder into the food court and grab unhealthy choices.

3. No support system. You may have tried to go at it alone, with no buddy system, training partners, family, coaches or friends to turn to for information and emotional support. Although I never had a coach or physical trainer, I had my husband who chose to eat healthy along side me. We kept each other accountable and encouraged one another.

4. No accountability. You didn’t keep track of your measurements, weight, food intake or training log or have anyone cheering for you on the side. I encourage you to find a mentor, coach or friend you can either report to or ask if they can join you on your journey. That way, you are both encouraging the other to succeed.

5. No patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You didn’t gain the weight over night, you can’t expect to lose it over night. Don’t think short-term and don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself. Plateaus are also oh too common. You will hit them and they will let you down. But, don’t stop there. Push through them and don’t give up!

6. No planning. Fail to plan, plan to fail. You can’t just ‘wing it’ with this lifestyle. It takes careful planning to eat out at restaurants, choose a workout routine and know your portion sizes. You have to do research and prepare. This is where I see a lot of people grab take out or leave the gym early (or don’t go at all) because they’re “too busy”. We’re all busy, you just have to plan to make time!

7. No balance. Your diet or workout regimen was too extreme. You went all or nothing and essentially burned yourself out. Try looking at things in the long-term, instead of using the “I want it now” mentality. Slow and steady wins the race!

8. No personalization. You are on a generic workout plan or following a model diet. What worked for them may not work for you, your personality, lifestyle or body type. Take bits and pieces of others’ success and mold it into what suits you best.

9. Excuses overpowered your desires. Everyone wants to be healthy, happy and confident, but not everyone has the willpower to make it happen. Excuses are life’s way of making difficult things easier to deal with. “I’m busy”, “I’m sore” and “I’m tired” are just a few examples of your mind not being as strong as your heart. Fight them because they won’t go away.


With New Year’s just a few months away (and the holiday season coming up), I challenge you to take this list to heart and focus on you. Focus in on how you’re bettering yourself, how you’re training your mind to be stronger and where you will be in a year’s time. Think long-term and remember the end result. It may be hard now (it will be very hard), but you can suck it up now or suck in later. 😉



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